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Originally Posted by Badbubba View Post
Depends how you wire the circuit for the ctap. I have a momentary pushbutton that will latch the ctap for a 1 time operation. While at a stop, push the clutch pedal down. Then press the momentary pushbutton, this applies power to the ctap. I then use the +12 volt output from the ctap to seal the circuit and trigger the lnc2000 for rpm control. Releasing the clutch pedal will turn off the output from the ctap, dropping the output to the lnc2000 and power to the ctap. Thus a 1 time operation.

you by chance have a wiring diagram of the way you ran it. im still learning with wiring and trying to do as much as i can myself. you have a link to the switch you used? i like the way you have yours setup
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