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Originally Posted by str8wick3d View Post
It's not that hard to install it if you try my method. Now you got an extra step in your launch.
Not sure how you just pulled it off. There's a locking clip, that prevents the pushing down of the plug release. Surprised you didn't damage something. By extra step, you mean having to push, not hold, the button to activate the "2 step" when the clutch pedal is depressed? With this wiring, it allows launch control to only be active 1 time. If you flat foot shift and your launch rpm is also your desired rpm for ffs, then wiring would be different. For me if I ffs, I don't want to be spraying in my window, depress the clutch pedal, have the rpm drop due to the CPP output to the LNC cutting spark, while still having the parameters met to continue to spray. Just a level of caution. I can have my master switch activated, heating the bottle, bring the rpm's up to do a burnout, arm the N2O if I want and then activate launch control at the line. Besides, you would still have a step of turning power on to the CPP after a burnout. Unless just doing water box burnouts, then launch rpm may be able to break the tires loose, just depends.
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