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Found my "Dream Car"!!!

Unfortunately, it's not for sale!!! I went to the "Good-Guys" Car Show in Des Moines, IA this past weekend. And saw un-restored '68 Z/28 RS, all original (well 98%). Supposedly, the only thing ever changed on this car were the tires and headers!!! I'm not too sure about that door guard trim, that may be an add-on too. It wasn't the shiniest, or prettiest, or fastest car out there, but it was my favorite out of everything else!!! I asked the lady with the car if it was for sale, and she told me her husband has owned it ever since he was a junior in high school, so probably not!!! I told her everything is for sale....for the right price!!! She agreed, but told me I would have to bargain with her husband who was out walking around, and it would get very costly!!! Darn it....someday I'll have one!!! Well, I just thought some of you 1st Gen enthusiasts would appreciate this car the same way I did.
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