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Originally Posted by speedmon View Post
You definitely should've gotten a LS1.....thing would have 500HP by now.

Did you pull the heads and mill them for increased compression on your V6......I don't know how much you can....but the compression is pretty low on the 9.5?

By /TC do you mean torque converter? If so what stall did you get? Does the V6 have the same auto trans? 4l60e?

With a cam and converter, you'll definitely have to tune it now.
I like being different.
not pulling the heads. The cam only has like a .512 lift. The 105# springs I plan on getting are good for .595.
Yes torque converter. I plan on getting a 2.2l TC. In the s10 they are like a 2200 STALL. in the 3.8 they are a 3k stall from what ive been reading.
Yea 4L60E
Ill get it retuned if I do it this winter. I already have a street tune now and dropped .2 in the 1/4 with a shitty DA

ARH Naturally Aspirated cam
-210/220 @ .050
-.320" lobe lift on the intake, .512 with a 1.6 rocker ratio
-.320 lobe lift on the exhaust, .512 with a 1.6 rocker ratio
-112 lobe separation
2001 Camaro V6
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