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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Car looks GREAT IBM Camaro! Well done!

I like everything color wise, but agree that the kilis is a VERY heavy wheel in 22". The size looks great though. The red pop of the colors will look good, although make sure you like the look of the covers. I would just save up your money and skip the covers, go straight to brembos and have them powdercoated a bright color like red, or SOM like I went with mine. =)

Fender vents look sick, but are pretty expensive. I'm interested to see how you finish this car. Keep up the good work!
I think ima jut take everyone's advice and get the brembos the 200 for just a cover is a waste ill just get some red paint and pant them for now and wait to get powdercoated calipers. Glad you like my car means alot coming from one if the best IBM on this site.
Yh I can't wait for the fender vents to come its gonna be so cool
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