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Originally Posted by FrankieBee View Post
2010 2LT Bumblebee Camaro-
AMerican Racing Headers, Injen CAI, Ported TB, Black-Ice, SS rear with 3:45, 18" DR's, torque converter, Trifecta NOS tune, Nytrex- 100 shot nos and 94,000+ miles on the engine.

Ran at Atco this past Saturday and here are the times.

Originally Posted by rtcat600man View Post
Nice Run, that is a really good 60' too. Looks like your trap speed is down a few mph for that ET, any thoughts on why?

I will post your run to the front page, this puts you at # 5. Congrats.

Please fill out the following information per the threads rules.

Thank - you.

In proposing submissions for inclusion on the list, please follow these simple rules or your submission will NOT be considered.
#1. Post the details of your quarter-mile pass using this template: (cut and paste)

Tires used on the pass:
Performance Mods (if any):
Category submitted for:
660’ mph...
1320’ mph…
Name of the track:
Date of pass:
Weather conditions (include Density Altitude, if known - DA can be calculated by going to
Originally Posted by FrankieBee View Post
Tires used on the pass: Fronts- Stock 19" Rears- 18" Nitto NT05R 305
Performance Mods (if any):ARH, Injen CAI, Trifecta NOS Tune, Nytrex 100 shot, SS Posi rear with 3:45, stock exhaust, black isolator, ported TB, 3400 TCI converter, SJM line-lock.
Transmission: A6
Category submitted for:
R/T........... .331
60'............. 1.77
330'........... 5.38
660'........... 8.303
660’ mph... 82.93
1000'.......... 10.865

1320'.......... 13.04
1320’ mph… 102.52
Name of the track: Atco Raceway (Atco NJ)
Date of pass: 9/21/13
Weather conditions (include Density Altitude, if known - DA can be calculated by going to

Sorry couldn't figure out that DA #.
Don't know why my speed was down at end. Open to suggestions??
Originally Posted by rtcat600man View Post
Thank - you for the updated information, I will get it posted today. As for the DA, I can get that info. for you.

Now posted to the main page, Congrats.

DA was 885.

Could be, I tried those and found them to be just to be and heavy for our V6, way more tire than we need.

I would try the Mickey Thompson Drag Radial. Go with the 265/40/18. This is what I am currently using. Get the benifit of a gear change with this since it is a smaller dia. This is plenty of tire for us. I bought the set-up used from a friend who was running a modded SS, and this was plenty of tire for him too.

I have update the list again.

I got your message, and sent you a reply.

Sorry for the mishap.

Hopefully it sticks around this time.
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