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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it quickly leads us into the Christmas / New Years season, and then a quick 2011.... and for that I say much of what I did last year.....


Thanks for all the great comments, thanks to those who own, run, and maintain the forums, thanks to those who sent gift throughout the year, thanks to those who waited patiently for a car, thanks to those customers who sent gifts afterwards, thanks for all the great emails, thanks for all the kind phone calls, thanks for all the kind words in countless threads, thanks to my friends in the business for the support, friendship, and assistance to make us a "team" rather than competitors - Especially Eric, Anna and Tom Henry, thanks to Scott, John, and Cheryl at GM for the kind words, customer assistance, help, and the job done with the Camaro production, thanks again to Scott & John for COMING TO MILWAUKEE for a Camaro gathering at the Auto Show, thanks AGAIN to all my friends at the Oshawa plant - you guys are awesome, and Mike it was a true pleasure to meet you this year - you are a great guy and a true friend!, thanks to those who are supportive of what I do even if I couldn't sell you a car (this time around), thanks to my dealership "Camaro team" who gets the cars ready and the paperwork done, thanks to Dave in parts for making some great parts deals, thanks to those who drove a Camaro home to other parts of the country, thanks to those who stopped by to visit when they were in the area from all over the country, thanks to those customers who made this job fun, thanks to Hylton & Scott for inviting me to BBOMG 2010 - THE CAMARO EVENT OF A LIFETIME - I have never EVER had SO MUCH fun and made so many great friends - I love all you guys and gals and can't wait to go back in 2011!, thanks to those military members who called and emailed from Iraq and Afganistan while fighting a war with the PASSION of getting a Camaro - I enjoyed all the stories - thanks and prayers to you guys for serving our country and protecting my freedoms, and to those soldiers who lost their lives doing so - YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!


It really is more than just selling a car, it's making new friends!

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