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I have a couple of customers that are interested in the Bumble Bee Yellow that was used in the Transformers movie. Is this color available for the pre-sold orders? If yes, what is the order code? If no, will that color be available and when?

If a customer is interested in a Transformers looking model, we suggest you order Rally Yellow with the black LPO stripes. Due to a number of challenges, we do not plan to make the actual color from the Transformer movie available for production.

Why did GM change the color code ordering options for exterior and interior colors on Camaro?

The 2010 Camaro is the first product to adopt the new global option platform. As part of the platform, our color and trim codes resemble regular production codes. We understand dealers are unfamiliar with these codes, but our new process did not allow us to continue using the traditional color and trim codes.

What is the LPO code for the Rally Stripe in Black?

The option code for the LPO / Dealer Installed Black Stripe is VZG. Remember, we only offer Cyber Gray and White Rally stripes from the factory. The black stripe is available as LPO, and is installed at the dealership.

Are the hood and side stripes painted or are they decals?

The stripes that are applied at the factory and at the dealership are decals, not painted

What is the difference between the Cyber Gray Stripe (VYY) that is dealer installed and the Cyber Gray Stripe (B7W) that is installed at the factory?

The only difference between the two stripe packages are one is installed at the factory, the other is installed at the dealership.

I have a customer who is ordering a Camaro 2SS with the RS Package. He wants chrome wheels, the Convenience and Connectivity Package and the Interior Lightning Package which are not on GM Autobook. Can they be ordered?

We have learned there is a high demand for an optional wheel on the RS Package, and we will be making an announcement on an additional wheel in the near future, as well as sharing some information on Interior Ambient Lighting Package. The Convenience and Connectivity package is included with the 2SS model.

Can Camaro be neutral towed behind a motor home?

We would not recommend towing Camaro behind motor homes. Flatbed towing or trailer towing (Camaro on a trailer) would be the preferred way to tow.

Do the 21-inch LPO/accessory wheels (on the 2SS model) include any suspension modifications?

Suspension modifications are not required to install the 21-inch LPO/accessory wheels on any of the 2010 Camaro models.

Does the sunroof on Camaro slide into the roof or tilt and slide outside of the car?

The sunroof on Camaro tilts and slides over the roof.

I have customers that desire the LPO: 5V5 spoiler on their Camaro 2SS. All indications are that it is not standard or available. Why?

The High Wing Spoiler (LPO: 5V5) is not available with any model (including the 2SS or any RS Package) where the original vehicle had a spoiler installed from the factory. The issue around this matter is that holes on the factory installed spoiler do not align with the holes required for the High Wing Spoiler.

Are the V8-equipped Camaro’s going to be produced first? Can I summit orders for V6-equipped Camaro’s and what is the time line on their production?

All Camaro models - both the LS and LT equipped with the V6 engine, and the SS equipped with the V8 engine – will be available at the start of production.

Will the hood on the Camaro 2SS with the RS Package have a hood air induction that is open or just ascetic?

The SS model front fascia includes a non-functioning, appearance only opening. It is not an operating air induction feature.

If my customers order the Camaro 2SS with the RS Package will they lose the air scoop hood and SS fascias?

No. When the RS Package is ordered with the SS model, only the front headlamps and the SS emblem change on the front fascia. The headlamps are upgraded to HID with the "halo ring" and the badging changes from silver to red.

If a customer orders a 2SS with the RS package, what emblems will the car have?

When the RS Package is ordered on a SS model, the silver SS emblems on the exterior (front right of grille and on the right side of the rear deck) turn to red.

Will there be two exhaust tips on each side on the 2SS?

There is only one exhaust tip per side on all Camaro models, including the SS model.

When will Camaro be available in Summit White?

Summit white exterior color should be available in July 2009.

Is the only way to get High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with the RS Package?

Yes. The 2SS Camaro has the standard halogen headlamps. Ordering the RS appearance package is the only way that a customer can get the HID headlamps.

Is an LS9 crate engine available on Camaro?

GM Performance Parts is planning to offer a LS9 crate engine for the Camaro. However, it will not be available until the Fall of 2009.

Early Order Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Since the unveiling of the Camaro concept coupe in 2006, the anticipation for the production version has been unprecedented. Over 600,000 people have raised their hand requesting information on Camaro. There have been many rumors of customers submitting their names to various dealers to be placed on waiting lists for the car. With the premiere of Camaro in the new NBC series “My Own Worst Enemy”, and the fact that production is scheduled to start in a little over four months, the timing to start taking sold customer orders seemed ideal.

Will the production guide numbers supersede future estimated shipments and/or consensus activities?

No. The production guide numbers were created to provide dealers with a preview of their expected allocation for production from mid-February through Q3 2009. These guide numbers are not guaranteed and provided only for guidance. Monthly consensus activities, which include calculating an estimated shipment number, are expected to start either in December 2008 or January 2009. Reasonable measures will be undertaken to fulfill individual production guide numbers during the mid-February through Q3 2009 production period; however, potential unforeseen disruptions in production or changed business conditions could prevent GM from actually producing these quantities.

Is there a special method for submitting sold orders?

Sold orders can be submitted using the “Quick Order” feature under the Order Workbench’s Order Vehicles selection. This feature is a quick and easy method for submitting orders. To access the Camaro ordering information, Dealers need to select the “2010” model year and a “sold” order type (SRE for direct contact and SDC for RCC dealers). All sold orders will require customer’s full name and address information. If Dealers have any issues in submitting orders, please contact the Dealer Business Center.

Why are only “sold” and not “stock” orders being accepted?

Dealers will have the opportunity to submit stock orders during the normal consensus and order submission periods late this year or early next year. This is an opportunity to legitimize customers’ demand for Camaro, and provide acknowledgement of that demand with an actual GM-issued order number. Again, however, please insure that you counsel with your customers appropriately about the uncertainties in whether and on what timetable vehicles will actually be produced.

Why are customers’ full name and address information required on the sold order?

This sold order submission activity provides an opportunity to build a special bond with these customers. Having customers’ name and address information permits the customer, Dealer and GM to easily track individual orders. If price protection is offered in the future, having accurate, matching customer information on both the order and delivery record is a requirement for price protection payment. Please make every effort to submit accurate customer information when submitting the ordering information.

If sold orders are not submitted during this early ordering period, is there a risk the production guide will be lost?

No. The production guide is not dependent upon the number of sold orders submitted. In fact, dealers can opt not to submit any customers’ orders during this period, and submit stock orders during the traditional order submission periods. As mentioned earlier, the goal of the production guide was to provide a preview of expected estimated shipments for the initial production period in an effort to manage your business and customers’ expectations accordingly.

If bona fide sold customer orders are submitted in excess of the production guide number, will additional shipments be provided to cover these orders?

No. The goal of the production guide was to provide a preview of expected estimated shipments. The option of submitting orders in excess of the assigned production guide number is solely that of the dealer. Future allocation will be based on a fair and equitable equation, not on the number of sold orders submitted to GM.

Will GM automatically place our bona fide sold customer orders into production? And is the first order submitted the first order produced for our dealership?

GM cannot guarantee production of any order at this early stage. Dealers are responsible for the flow, or prioritization of sold orders or stock orders during order submission periods. Actual production will be impacted by available weekly allocation, material constraints, and priority numbers assigned by the Dealer. It is strongly suggested Dealers assign a varied priority number for each order on hand, starting with the lowest number on the order the dealer would like to be the first submitted into production.

You mentioned constraints; are any expected on the Camaro?

GM is doing what is reasonably possible to avoid constraints, but some issues are emerging. See the answer to the next couple of questions. One of several reasons constraints occur is an imbalance between forecasted supply and actual demand. A survey was recently conducted with 10,000 early intenders to help identify areas where demand may exceed our initial forecast. The results of this survey are helping adjust material schedules. Furthermore, the ability to accept bona fide customer orders provides GM a real-time view of initial demand. This view will provide a further opportunity to avoid constraints.

So, are you guaranteeing there will be no constraints?

No. The fact of the matter is, it is difficult to identify future material shortage until orders are on hand. Some issues have already surfaced due to various regulations. On LS and LT models, for example, an available option is a compact spare tire (the standard condition on all Camaro models is a tire inflator kit). Due to a number of factors, this option is constrained to 30% of LS and LT production (and not available on SS models due to different suspension requirements). If additional option constraints develop, notification will be provided through normal channels.

What about model constraints – is the SS model expected to be constrained?

All SS models come equipped with 6.2L V8 engine. All LS and LT models are equipped with the highly efficient, powerful 3.6L V6 engine. The results of our early intender survey indicate the majority of the demand will be for the 3.6L V6, however, the plant is preparing for a 50/50 production split between V8 and V6 engines.

Why do you think there will be a higher demand for the V6 engine models?

There are a number of reasons, including affordability, fuel efficiency and power. The 3.6L V6 engine features Variable Value Timing and Direct Injection that reduces carbon output and delivers a GM-estimated 27 mpg highway and 300 horsepower rating. While EPA estimates are not yet available, Challenger and Mustang’s V6 engines do not come close to offering this combination of power and fuel efficiency, and foreign sport coupes like Nissan 350Z and BMW 335I are much more expensive.

How will customers know they can submit an order?

As mentioned earlier, over 600,000 individuals have raised their hand and requested information on the Camaro. Plans are in place to send all these individuals an e-mail on Monday, October 13, 2008, announcing the early ordering activity. The date has been leaked to a number of enthusiast Web sites which have generated a great deal of “buzz” in the enthusiast community. Web site will also be updated with information regarding the early ordering activity, including an update with packaging information to the downloadable specification sheet, and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (which follow this answer). All of these plans should lead to very viral spreading of the word to interested customers.

There will be a number of customers reluctant to order a Camaro without knowing the price. Will we have pricing information on October 13, 2008?

Yes. The introductory prices for the 2010 Camaro have been set, and a price schedule for the various models and options will be available to you on Monday, October 13, 2008, through normal channels. It will be a few additional months before prices are available in various on-line order configurators. As you will read in the FAQs for customers, the 2010 Camaro LS (base model) will carry a starting MSRP of $22,995, including Destination and Freight Charges (DFC) and excluding tax, title, registration and other dealer fees. The 2010 Camaro SS will carry a starting MSRP of $30,995, including Destination and Freight Charges (DFC) and excluding tax, title, registration and other dealer fees.

If we place an early order, how long would we have to make any changes?

Changes can be made to orders up to the time the order is prioritized and selected for production.

Customer Frequently Asked Questions (posted on

How much will the 2010 Camaro cost?
Once pricing is announced, can I change the order?
If I place an order for a Camaro with a dealer, is it guaranteed to be produced and delivered by the summer of 2009?
I want to make sure my Camaro order gets produced as soon as possible; how can I find each dealer’s production guide number?
Which Chevrolet dealer should I order my Camaro from?
Am I obligated to take delivery through the dealer I ordered the vehicle?
How do I know my order was submitted to Chevrolet?
The dealer requested my name and address for the order; is this a requirement?
How can I track my order?
Why can I not submit an order for my Camaro directly to Chevrolet?
Will I have to put a deposit down to order my Camaro? And how much?
When can I submit an order for a Camaro convertible?
Will I be able to take delivery of my Camaro at the plant?
Where can I find information regarding models, options and packages?
Is there a full-line Camaro catalog available to review?
In reviewing the Camaro model lineup, I noticed there is no Z28 model; are there plans for Z28 model?
How much will the 2010 Camaro cost?

Delivering great value to our customers has been one of the hallmarks of Chevrolet and previous Camaro generations. The 2010 Camaro was developed with this legacy in mind – to deliver great value against its core competitors in the areas of style, technology, efficiency and performance. The 2010 Camaro LS will start at Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $22,995, including Destination and Freight Charges (DFC) and excluding tax, title, registration and other dealer fees. The 2010 Camaro SS starts with a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $30,995, including Destination and Freight Charges (DFC) and excluding tax, title, registration and other dealer fees. For further information on individual model and option prices, please consult with your Chevrolet dealer.

Once pricing is announced, can I change the order?

Orders can be changed, but only by your Dealer, and up until the time the order is placed into the production cycle. Once the order is placed into the production cycle, no changes can be made to the order.

If I place an order for a Camaro with a Dealer, is it guaranteed to be produced and delivered by the summer of 2009?

Order submission assists GM and Chevrolet in understanding market demand. Each Chevrolet Dealer has been provided an estimated production guide number based on an estimated production horizon. The guide number comprehends individual dealer’s retail sales and competitor’s market trends, and was calculated based on expected production through Q3 2009. However, General Motors does not guarantee order production due to many factors, including unexpected production disruptions. Chevrolet Dealers are also responsible for controlling and prioritizing their customer’s order flow versus their individual production guide numbers, in some cases, customer demand may exceed production capacity. For this reason Chevrolet will not guarantee individual customer’s order’s production or timing.

I want to make sure my Camaro order gets produced as soon as possible: How can I find each dealer’s production guide number?

Sorry, each dealer’s production guide number is considered confidential and not available to the public.
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