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Lets all put some faces to our names on here!

Not sure if this has ever been done on here yet, but I figured I'd go for it anyway! I like to know who I'm talking to when I'm on this forum. it always seems strange to me to get into conversations with faceless people. So I think we should all post a pic of ourselves so everyone knows who they are talking with! So lets see some . Whether its you with your car or just you being you, lets see who you are! Feel free to tell people a little about yourself too if you'd like!

I'll start!
My name is Phillip and I live in the Fabulous Las Vegas! Been here for 16 years and I couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else! I work in production as a video Director and surprisingly don't work much in Vegas. I get to travel the world for my job and love every minute of it! The only downfall is I have to leave my beautiful camaro behind while I'm on the road! but its a great reunion when I get back to her!

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