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IPhone Guage Alternative for Camaro SS

Now you can get a number of different guages for your Camaro, without having to figure out how to mount mechanical guages in your car. The cost of 2 mechanical guages can be upwards of $500 by the time you get the guages, sending units, mounting brackets, etc. Not to mention having to drill holes in your precious interior.

Here's an alternative, using your IPhone or IPod Touch.
The REV2 app costs $39 from ITunes. The Mounting bracket for your IPhone or IPod Touch costs $19.99 from Arkon Resources.
The wifi device is from PLX devices and costs $149.95

The mounting bracket mounted on dash.
Name:  IPhone Rev2 Guages 007.jpg
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IPhone mounted in bracket.
Name:  IPhone Rev2 Guages 009.jpg
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KiWi PLX wireless device plugged into OBD2 port under dash, then just hide
the device out of sight.

Name:  PC020002.JPG
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Rev2 App on IPhone. As soon as you turn the key on in the car, it synchs
up to the phone. You will know it is synched when your VIN # shows up on the Rev2 home screen automatically. You can also use this app to track your laps at the track, it uses GPS and Accelerometer in phone to record G's and lap times. You can also check and reset trouble codes using the app.

Name:  IPhone Rev2 Guages 001.jpg
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You can have up to 5 different guage readings on the screen at the same time. This setup has RPM's, Intake air temps, Fuel Pressure, Timing Advance and Boost. Notice that the IPhone is also synched up to the stereo system so you can listen to tunes through Bluetooth at the same time that you are using the guages. Also, if a call comes in it will switch to the call screen during the phone call then will switch back to guages when the call is done.
Name:  IPhone Rev2 Guages 003.jpg
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This guage screen is showing Boost, mph(with 0-60 time), whp, torque,
and rpm's. It will start the 0-60 time clock anytime you start from a complete stop.
This will also data log by pushing the red dot at the bottom of the screen. It will record, in graph form, the five perameters that you have on the screen. Very useful when running the 1/4 mile when you don't really have time to watch the guages, cause you're too busy watching the tach. You can record the run then study it after you are done. Regular guages can't do that.

Name:  IPhone Rev2 Guages 006.jpg
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View from the driver's seat at night.
Name:  IPhone Rev2 Guages 005.jpg
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