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Originally Posted by Casull View Post
I really like that hood in the 2nd sketch. Hopefully they offer that hood instead of the one currently on the concept. I would have to say that I am also biased to the coupe. I would consider a convertable if it was offered in a hard-top though. I am just not a fan of ragtops. Of course if they offered t-tops I would be all over that option...

Have they already stated that t-tops will not be an option? Or is that speculation?
All of us, I would think, have pretty much agreed that T-tops wouldn't work w/ that roof. It sucks, because I'm not a fan of Verts but like the open air. I would like a solid removable roof like the Vette, but doubt they would do that either.

As far as the hood goes...Low and I were discussing that same issue. GM didn't really do anything to make the SS in the 4th Gen stand out. I would say in my opinion that GM knows this and there would be a chance they would have to do something different w/ the SS to really make it STAND OUT. Yes, I know they did a SS hood and spoiler but that was about it. Will GM do the same and offer up a tear drop hood??? What'cha think?
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