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Originally Posted by rtcat600man View Post
3 reasons I disagree with the Nissan being so damn good.

First it is a Nissan.

Second the base price cost over $9,000. more.

Third it gets worse gas mileage on the highway.

It's only advantage is weight over 500 lbs. lighter.

Sorry I will take my Camaro everytime and twice on Sunday.

1/4 mile speed it NOT the only selling feature.
Ahhh, you can't rail on Nissan to bad, I know most on hear aren't fans of any import, but Nissan makes a good car & they know performance. Like I've said in previous posts I owned a 350Z prior and it was a good car. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love the Camaro hence the reason I bought it over a 370Z. Although there's a $9000 price deference, you also have to look at what your getting. there is a lot of performance features the 370z has that I wish the Camaro did. Although they're both V6's, they are not exactly apples to apples, Nissan is a great example of what V6 engines are capable of, whether you like them or not performance wise the 370Z and GT-R are pretty amazing. I think in another year or two you'll start seeing our cars putting up some serious performance numbers once the Camaro V6 mod market catches up with whats available for the Nissans.
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