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Bumble Bee sibling

Being a Transformers fan, when I first started considering the look of the car I wanted I originally wanted to make my Camaro look as much like Bumble Bee as possible. I made the mistake of letting it slip to my family and my 3 youngest brothers got extremely excited.

Later when details came out about production stripes and paint and other details I changed my mind about things and decided to go with black on black, no stripes. I haven't told my brothers about it yet because I want them to stay excited. But I have a story I'm going to tell them. "I couldn't have Bumble Bee because he is off saving the world from the Decepticons. But his brother "Stinger" is able to come to live with me".

I am kinda keeping with the yellow theme that Bumble Bee has. I'm getting the yellow interior trim and a yellow engine cover.

There's one more thing I'm adding. I purchased Autobot emblems. They are roughly 2 inches in size. I'm going for subtle with the size. I'm thinking of either removing the SS on the rear trunk lid and placing one there. If I do this setup I might use the second one in the interior, I haven't decided on a location yet or if I even want to use the second with this set up. Or I might replace the GM chicklets on both side front fenders.

What do you guys think about this? I am also totally open for suggestions if you guys can think of something better.

Here's an image of the emblems
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