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Your Camaro is welcome and the track is

GTO Car Preparation for Track Use

1. Flush / Replace Brake Fluid
2. Flush / Replace Power Steering Fluid
3. Change Engine Oil
4. Flush / Replace Coolant
5. Rotors and Pads should be reasonably fresh with no more than 10K of use.
6. Upgrade radius Rod Bushes to Pedders EP9166. The OE fluid damped radius rod bush is NOT designed for track use.
7. Check every nut and bolt in the suspension and driveline to make certain they are tight. This would include the drive-shaft and half-shafts.
8. If you are not an expert technician, take you GTO or G8 to an expert technician before hitting the track. Your safety and the safety of others may depend on this.

G8 Car Preparation for Track Use

These are newer vehicles an I am ASSUMING you are under 10K on the clock.

1. Replace the OE brake pads with a more suitable track pad. The OE pads do NOT like the heat of track use. The OE pad tracked will crack and chunk. I will be using a new compound pad at the direct recommendation of GM engineers from Cobalt Friction with new factory rotors front and rear.
2. Change engine oil
3. The side loading fluid damped radius rod bushes on the G8 are not as bad as the GTO bushes. They are NOT designed for track use and we recommend replacing them with Pedders EP6560
4. Check every nut and bolt in the suspension and driveline including drive-shaft and half-shafts before tracking your G8.
5. If your G8 has more than 10K on the clock follow the same fluid, rotor and pad schedule listed for the GTO.
6. If you are not an expert technician, take you GTO or G8 to an expert technician before hitting the track. Your safety and the safety of others may depend on this.

First Time Track on the track Advice

This is not a race. There are no awards for finishing first or best spin. Go slow and get comfortable with the track and your car on the track. Knowing the track is essential. Knowing the track can save your butt. I like to run at Gingerman, because I know the track. There is a GM executive with so many laps at Mid Ohio he is almost untouchable there. He is a very good driver, but he is a better driver at Mid Ohio because he knows the track so well. Your performance will improve as the day progresses because you will learn the track better with each lap.

No one will point and laugh if you are cautious. If they do they are absolute idiots and have no place at an event like this. Talk to the people who do this frequently. They will be more than willing to provide insight on how to safely navigate the course. If the speeds make you uncomfortable, slow down. You know your limitations better than anyone. Track days like this are a great opportunity to become a better driver. They make you safer on public road ways at legal speeds. EVERYONE should autocross and road course because you learn so much. The best most experienced drivers leave every track day as better drivers. So do the most inexperienced. Come on out and enjoy a great day with your car of choice, but don't get too excited or have too much fun. Restraint is the order of the day.

If you have a fire jacket or single layer suit for drag racing, wearing won't hurt anything.

Completely empty your vehicle. Leave nothing in it any where.

Remove your driver's side floor mat.

If you have a forced induction system do not get on the track with less than a 1/4 tank of fuel. A hard turn can cause fuel starvation and a lean burn. Lean burns are bad.

Slower will frequently be faster. Over driving your skills, tires or brakes will slow you down. Backing off and smoothing things out will almost always result in better laps. Your tires and brakes will appreciate your restraint.

I cannot take credit for this last piece of advice. A far more experienced racer gave it to me. Over the years I have found his statement to be absolutely spot on. Bring or buy the best brain bucket you can afford. I do not know a single person that has actually needed / used their helmet in an off-track or worse situation that thought they had spent too much money on a helmet.

Spectators are welcome as are people that are thinking about driving at a road course event but would like to observe for a day before they sign up for the next event.
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