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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
Signed up but is this unit compatible with my longtubes? It should be yes? I know I'd be kissing my CAI Inc intake goodbye.

425HP is pretty good and probably pretty safe for the rest of the powertrain. I'm assuming this is crank HP? Isn't this motor capable of more? I'd love to be in the neghborhood of 450 RWHP. Or is that just sheer fantasy? I guess I'm just slobbering over my bros' soon to be 640 HP monster.
Yup, your long tubes are fine. I too would like to see at least 450whp, if not 500. . Curious as to how hard it would be to increase the boost.

I can't wait for some people to slap this on and test it. I personally want to wait for Tracy's SC because I'm sure he would use trifecta tune, which I already have.
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