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Originally Posted by Trekkie View Post
That being said I've not driven a coupe or convertible yet. Is the A-pillar that bad in the coupe or is it a 'oh hey' when you first drive and then you learn how to work through it. I'm going to be calling some dealers and doing the V6 vs V8 comparison (fuel mileage concerns) but otherwise is this motor trend being motor trend (they hated my TT too, and my A4 Cabriolet, clearly they let someone who hates convertibles drive both)
The forward visibility isn't bad, but if you plan on taking corners the pillars are annoying. Any left corner over 45 degrees will make you lean to the passenger side or towards your window to see the road, right turns are not so bad. Rear visibility is bad but that is almost any sports coupe.

Depending on how tall you are, wearing a helmet without reclining the seat (which makes the dash overwhelming) might be necessary. I suggest a Simpson X bandit or something from the Simpson line that fits close to the head. Ricky Bobby head gear will not work if your Ricky Bobby size...

There is always the Ace Ventura option but hard to do while wearing a seat belt.
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