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Originally Posted by Foster26 View Post
Heard they had a CGM SS at Bob Howard in Oklahoma City. Since I was in the area yesterday, I stopped by to check it out. A young salesperson proceeded to tell me about this car. Just being interested in looking at the color and not really wanting to talk about why I'm there if I ordered from someone else, I just kinda played like I knew little and let him spill. First he told me the car was listed at $5000 over MSRP and I would be lucky to find one anywhere for less than 10. He said some people have said other dealers (mentioned Knipplemeir, the one I ordered from) have been selling at MSRP but it is simply not true. I asked when he thought they would start going for less than MSRP and he said never. He claimed GM was limiting production and you will not see them all over like Mustangs. I asked if they are only planning a couple years and he said it is likely. He then proceeded to tell me of all the exotic cars he has driven and the SS is hands down the baddest car he has ever driven. Now, I know this is an opinion, but come on. He said the Camaro would keep up with the Vette, no problem and also said it was a tad lighter than the Vette. Really? Not by much, but it's lighter.

I cannot stand salespeople like this. GM is having a hard enough time as it is. If you are in the central OK area, please say no to Bob Howard. You will be better off at Knipplemeir or Marc Heitz.
I had the limited availability line thrown at me, and that the plants were going to shutdown for a long time as well making the car even more viable and liable to go up in markup from their initial $10,000
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