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Thanks for taking the time to address the leaked photo. I for one was thrilled to see it, I go bonkers just seeing the name Camaro on a piece of cheese! But seriously, you and every custodian of this great brand know there are just very impatient people in the world and you those you can't please at all. No matter what you do. I agree the 99% of us will love this car of the Gods. I have to say nice things about other cars? I can't! Mustangs make me

There's no way I could possibly think that what the pictures showed would be the exact production model, like the famous statue of David, it started off as a clump of crappy clay. I love this car as much as anyone on this board but people need to wait and not be so quick to judge.
Well anyway... thank you again from a loyal fan of the new Camaro.

Look... if I can get you a date with Daisy Fuentes, can you let me have the first Camaro off the line?

I can not wait for this car!!! But I have no choice, the year just started and I want it over so I can get in my Camaro!

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