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Originally Posted by Valdizo View Post
So I took my car in told them to check my shock they said al 4 are leaking so have extended warranty they are not wanting to replace with oem they wanna go after market (wtf) yes I know so tell me if I'm wrong I have a 2012 zl1 and the guy at the dealer is telling me only the front came with magnetic not the back...... this sound like bs to me .... does anyone know if 2012s only have magnetic shocks in the front not back

Run, but run quickly. There is a difference between the coupe and the Vert, but both Mag shocks. The Coupes are all FE5. Besides if they did cheap you out and replace with a non mag shock you would throw a code on the DIC because you need to terminate the 5Volts to the shock harness.
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