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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post
couple things on that list i'm really interested in... the MSD 2 stage... clutch... and the MGW shifter.

I've always been parial to centerforce clutches? any thoughts there.

How easy is it to set up the msd?
1. The ACT/Stillen dual Disc clutch I had the dealer put in in while they were fixing the output shaft. So I only have a few km on it and not even broken in yet. Pumpkin is now off the road til Fest. But my first impressions are good for the few days that I drove it with the new clutch. I love it, butter smooth.

2. MGW shifter, simply the best in my opinion. It's more money , but you get a lot more. Have yet to miss a 2-3 shift.

3.MSD 2-step is a bit tricky. I have yet to use it. As far as installing and powering it up it's a piece of cake. The problems is the Camaro is a can bus system and there is no way of using the stock clutch switch to release the 2-step on the leave. SOO you have to install a micro switch in the clutch pedal assembly to make it work. I bought a micro switch from NOS, but yet to finish that project. Might have it done by Fest. I plan on taking the drivers seat out while I install the micro switch.

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