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Cincy Speed, another Whipple install and tune.

JD came back to us wanting more HP.

His Mods before the Whipple...

SW 2" Headers
SW Quiet CB
G6X3 cam & Valvetrain
Roto-Fab CAI
PFADT sways, HD links & springs
Cincy Speed Tune

This netted him 461HP/423TQ

He was happy with these mods, but then he saw the numbers we got on Bob's 2010 Whipple Camaro (582HP/526TQ) with similar mods w/o a cam.

Link to Bob's Dyno tune with video...

So JD's wheels started turning and I made him a very good deal on a Whipple/Cam install/ Cam swap.

Here is his Album from our Facebook page....

Here is a list of his current mods....

SW 2" Headers
SW Quiet CB
Roto-fab CAI
Cincy Speed BOOSTcam & valvetrain
PFADT sways, HD links & Springs
Dual fuel pumps
Updated Cincy Speed tune
Whipple SC w/ 8.5-9 psi
93 Octane

Here is a video...

And the Dyno sheet.
Blue is stock
Red is G6X3, Exhaust, CAI
Green is Cam & SC

Tune was 13 degrees with 11.0 AFs.

Thank you for looking!
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