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Originally Posted by Mickeyroar View Post
Well said.
Sorry for my rant.

But it really tans my hide when GM is trying to rise up to this reputation of having the least amount of issues with their cars.

I mean...everyone with a Camaro has most likely experienced a problem with one of the most commonly used parts of the car.....the RADIO. What do we do when we drive? We listen to the radio. Whether it be a cd, XM, FM/AM, a USB stick, an Ipod, a Zune, etc...people listen to music.

If you have a broken music player, it ticks you off.

If you have a broken music player which dealerships tell you can't be fixed, what does that do for the reputation of Chevy?
"OH, I TOLD YA SO! Chevy is still building cars that don't work!"
That's not me....

That's the impression that thousands of Camaro buyers are getting right now....not to mention the people that are passengers IN the cars when they have those problems.

I know that GM is working on this TSB issue...but in the meantime, more and more people (who also don't know about what is going on) are trying to get their cars fixed. I just think it shows a bad angle of GM and things need to speed up.

I mean, hey...I got mine fixed after several trips to the dealer. I finally found this thread, took in the laptop, showed them what was going on, and got mine replaced and updated to what it needed to be.

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