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Looking at the videos of both cars the ZL1 Camaro was pulling 1.3Gs at time in corners where as the GT500 was pulling some 1.2Gs. I even saw the ZL1 Camaro blip the 1.4G barrier on some corners, though its not close to the Z06 pulling 2.0Gs on the ring. Though this video wasn't from the ring, still though there is a difference and thats it.

The ZL1 Camaro us pulling Gs in the area of the 2006 Z06 Corvette while also accelerating pretty close to it. I can see how the ZL1 Camaro can run near the same lap time as the early Z06 Corvette.

I just don't see how the GT500 will be able to keep up with the ZL1 on a track unless the track is very much top end dependent.
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