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Originally Posted by HufferSS View Post
I'll share this and take it for what it is worth but when we were searching for a fuel solution for my car, I suggested Aeromotive to Ron.....he thought about it for about .000003 seconds and said NO WAY an Aeromotive pump is going in this car. They have had horrible experience with them in the past and one twin turbo corvette owner ended up on the side of the road THREE times.

I hope that isn't in the cards for many of the other Aeromotive users on here as I know that pump has become quite popular. Good luck getting it back on the road.
Thanks bro, Corey has a plan, and it doesn't include any other Aeromotive pump... Like was mentioned... The pump is running, but we think the impeller isn't... We'll see what Aeromotive has to say and go on... And Corey is in agreement with Ron... We were hoping their new pump for the Camaro was an improvement... Guess not...
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