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Seems to be a common phenomena. I happens more often when I "flick" the key to start position and don't hold it there until the engine fires. I think what happens is all the separate electronic systems are booting up and doing initial key-on sequences. For some reason the Stabilitrac/ABS system isn't communicating with the rest of car's systems for just a second or two which triggers the warning. Once all the systems are fully on-line the warning goes out. No fault is logged or code stored because it really isn't a problem. I wouldn't worry about it, I have seen my car do this before from time to time, only at start up. If I hold the key in the start position and keep it there until the engine is fully fired I hardly ever see that warning. If the warning comes on any other time and stays on, you should get it checked out. If there were problems your monthly Onstar email would alert you to that too!
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