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Originally Posted by Synner View Post
I beat the crap out of mine a few days ago and it still wouldn't release. Soaked it for 3 days, heated it, pounded on it. Nothing. I even bent a c-clamp that came with a ball joint removal kit.
Finally gave up and started doing the sways instead.
Steel Ball Joint Stud + Aluminum Knuckle =

With the car on jack stands it is really hard to get a good swing and solid strike. On a lift with plenty of room to work they are still struggle. For those that just won't move we use the blunt tip in an air hammer.

It will guber up the tip of the stud and scar the knuckle, but it will come out. When the arm is out, you can clean up the what is left of the stud tip on a bench grinder. This works for both the radius and LCA.

If you are removing the front lower control arm to replace the inner bush, maybe it is a good thing the arms were stuck. The front lower inner control arm bush from the factory is damn good. It is a barrel style ferule that rides on a very thin layer of dense rubber. During our R&D we cut one apart.

Unless you are building a full on race car, the bush should not be replaced. I keep the pieces on my desk to remind me that Chevrolet is getting very good and we are going to have to be on top of our game to stay ahead of them
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