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not discredting you or anything but have you ever owned a manual? Manuals due have a tendacy to squeak and make some noises here and there. But with that said, alot of dealers I think do crappy work on warranty stuff. First off they check the most easiest things first and if that checks out they will send you on your way even if the car hasnt been fixed, and they will have you come back again and check a different thing. I think this is how dealers milk the system, most dealer Welcome warranty work because its work and guarenteed but at the same time hate because its a set rate for labor, usually 20-30 lower than what they normall charge, possibly even higher. Ive heard off comments on them doing warranty work. I had an 07 chevy that had a water leak(due to them taking apart my door to fix a rattling noise, never leaked until they did this.) So they went over it 4 times until they finally really tore it apart and had a pro check it out. And have you ever noticed on warranty work where you really have to push them to fix things and find your self getting into arguements.
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