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For Sale Lorenzo WL21 wheels

I'm thinking of parting with my Lorenzo WL21 wheels. I've gotten lots of compliments on them and they're a great looking wheel but I knew when I got these that they were my next to my last set of wheels.

That being said, I'm looking to part with these wheels now before Old Man Winter sets in, and get my OEM Midnight silvers back on.

These wheels are 20" and fit on the orginal Pirelli tires. I have the 8.5 up front and went with the 10" rear. The look is fantastic with the deep lip and everyone who has seen my setup says I did it right. Of course I can't take credit for this as my buddy out in Socal who helped do the wheel packages for the move 'Fast And Furious' always picks my wheels and setups when I tell him I'm looking. He's already found my next set of wheels and the sooner I get these off I know I'll be working toward fulfilling that dream.

This beind said, if anyone is intersted, give me a shout. I'd prefer a local pickup but that probably just won't happen. I do have paypal and I'm looking to get $850 for the set.

Also there is no curb rash or anything on them and I've only had them on the car since late March or early April and they've only had about 3k put on them.

Again, just a feeler if anyone might be interested.


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