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Originally Posted by '11 cyber grey vert View Post
OP, you would be better off posting this question in the CANADA section...

most folks in the USA don't know that we pay alot more for cars here.So the brand new cars cost more initially and that is reflected in the resale prices.

When I purchased my 5th gen, I could have gotten a 2SS/RS in the usa for the same price that we pay for a 2LT/RS (at that time)...I did not purchase from the USA as GM (along with other manufacturers) don't honour the new car warranty for a period of time,along with some minor modifications that would be necessary to legally license it here.And with the top problems I have had, it was a good thing that I didn't...Top problems now seem to be solved.Would I have enjoyed the rumble of the extra 2 cylinders...of course...

Try looking up the value on Canadian Black Book and also compare to similar vehicles on, You can then get an average price...I would play a bit of hardball with the dealer on price...They have had it on their lot for a long time and it is winter here, so not too many buyers for a convertible right now.I would think it is the wrong time of year for them to sell the car and the right time for a buyer to purchase the car.

Your thinking re price seems to be correct...get a price in mind, stick to your guns...They have a price they need/want to get because of what they paid for it at trade in, but at this time of year, I would think you would be in a better position for negotiations....GOOD LUCK!!
Good info. You learn something new everyday,well at least I try to.
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