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Two wheel mayhem, there is heat shrink tubing and solder used for the splices. The butt crimps you see are because 2010IMBSS had the Aux gauge end of the harness with the wires coming out. I simply made the passthru part of the harness with the 3 wires spliced in for the Aux gauges and put butt crimps on the end so all he had to do was strip the 3 wires and crimp them. I even labeled the crimps for the appropriate pin on the Aux gauge connector. The guys that have received the steering wheel harnesses I've built can attest to the fact I don't build anything half-assed. By the way, where in Indiana are you located? I work in Indy.

I can build pretty much any harness that the Camaro uses. I just need to get the connectors for them and sometimes that is NOT an easy task. Most of the manufacturers have a minimum order amount in the hundreds. I've been dealing with it for years. It's very frustrating when you only need like 3 of something.
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