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ESPN totaly rocks. Mlee is just bitter about the Chargers.

Why I like ESPN: VERY easy to read and understand. User freindly. My son plays in our family league. He's 16 now and back when he was 10, he could totaly understand and find everything. Even I had a hard time with Yahoo last year. Maybe becasue I'm accustomed to ESPN but they did have a year where their 'Smack Talk' was down, but you can see all the smack talk right on the screen and their fantasy cast is awesome.

Why I don't like Yahoo: Hard to find stuff. text and smack is much smaller in comparison, and the bench is not even seperated. Hard to keep track of the whole league on one screen AS the scoring happens. Slow response time between screens.

It's like Yahoo is Peachtree accounting software, and ESPN is Quickbooks.

ESPNs interface is just so much more simple and yet has the same or more info.

Just my opinion, but Mlee, I am curious why you don't like ESPN?
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