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Originally Posted by Thunder1 View Post
Guys, I'm seriously considering getting the SS w/ the automatic transmission over the issue for me is that I have about a 25 mile highway commute to work every M-F...the highway EPA mileage is 25 mpg for the V-8 with the automatic transmission.....but I wonder, with AFM(active fuel management), wouldn't it be more than likely that for 65-70 mph cruises one could get closer to 30 miles per gallon highway just for the stretch(es) where AFM had kicked in???...if so, that would make a big difference for me(and probaly others) in deciding V-8 or V-6....I currently have that feature(a different acronym, though) on my '06 Honda Pilot and it seems to stay kicked on for most of the time on my early morning commutes...

Could somebody with early experiences please post some mpg comments regarding the AFM feature and the V-8 to help me with my situation, please???..I would appreciate it!!!

ahhhh .... yes and no

I say you can get 27-28 MPG with the L99 ( driving like miss daisy of course), but it all depends on how you drive, and the environment

But my best bet is you would probably average 22-23 MPG

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