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Wow, excellent post! I could not agree more. I too love this interior more than any car I have looked at, however I realize that this will not appeal to as many people as GM would like. Parts come off as a little "cheesy" or may look a little cheap. I know this is not a luxury car and it should not be a CTS coupe clone as far as interior goes since it is a different class of car. But even cars like the V6 Accord look quite professional inside and at the same time they are practical and sporty.

Again I think they did an amazing job on the interior, I just feel (although I know that it is probably not happening before launch) they should make many of these things like the plastic on the doors a cheap option or something. I do not have as much as a problem with the radio/controls but they may come across as unsophisticated and/or bulky to some people. Heck maybe I am just wanting this car to be a great sucess so badly that I am completely overanalyzing the little details, but that is just my $.02.
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