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Originally Posted by headpunter View Post
lets go one by one

i dont think the door handles are clunky at all i have touched then with my own hands

Secondly the door panels are optional, they come with a interior colored trim piece standard

third they had test groups and the center stack style of the concept rated very high. thats why they kept it.

i have sat in the G8 and seen the camaro interior in person and the camaro is much nicer. the placement of the switches is better, the stereo controls are placed better, but i am a little concerned about the AC controls.

but you have to look at the fact that the car has an ecentric interior, it has a radical exterior that cant be mixed with a bland interior.

and....the entire dash and controls were molded/modeled after the IPOD.

replacing the head unit for nav was also explained by GM...not too many people are buying in dash nav since not everyone supplying them can offer up to date downloads. ....hence why GM went with the turn by turn navigation through onstar. I know not a lot of people are going to like me....but, there's always TOM TOM, WHICH is awesome, if I may say. And, you get all sorts of downloads with that.

So, GM didn't want the nav put in there...or to make the opening like that. Just factors in what more people want.

I think it was more of a weigh in we want nav or a head unit capable of that? Or, do we want to offer bluetooth capability and ambient lighting? Cost situation.

I see what you are saying about the interior. I've been in the G8 and think GM did a PHENOMENAL job on it. I will agree 100% on that!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, they had reasons for doing certain thing on the Camaro like this. Some, we'll like...and some we won't. I know I would have changed a few things, maybe the parts I don't like will grow on my like the front end did (OF THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT shown in Detroit!)....(love it now!).
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