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I guess i am one of those examples that doesn't like the interior, don't get me wrong i don't hate it, it is liveable for me, but it just isn't visually appealing to me. I cannot stand the center radio and air controls. i love the ambient lighting, if that wasn't there then this interior would not settle well with me at all.

this is what i want, i want the G8 seats, console, and radio/air controls, but i want the corvette guage cluster, and steering wheel.

Originally Posted by headpunter View Post
how many of you have actually sat in the g8? i love the car but it has no switches on the door so it has everything in the center from windows to door locks to mirrors, and i dont like that
Thats actually one of the things i like about the car, to each his own i guess.

i will Throw in a corvette interior pic.
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