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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
whats wrong with a y-pipe? im running one right now. and honestly depending on the power you are pushing, true duals w/x-pipe is almost overkill. however the size of the exhaust comes to play. a 3" y-pipe will out flow a 2.5" true dual setup. but not by much.

you gotta realize that this car is not just for the enthusiast. its for everyone. and not everyone wants a true dual setup.

not to mention for the v-6... true duals dont make it sound like a v-8, neither does a y-pipe, but
So says the LT1 owner. Dude, cars have come a long way and with the power and displacement they're pushing these days, dual exhaust with an X or H pipe is the only way to go. That's how we do it with GTOs and Corvettes. Why would the Camaro go back to the Y pipe?

And I would bet you that it'll be dual exhaust anyway. And with the efficiency and power of new LS engines, it'll be the right way.

For the record, the GTO comes stock with a resonator which is like an extra muffler. Maybe the Camaro will do that. We'll see.
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