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Originally Posted by rolnslo View Post
If you want to block heat, go with a ceramic tint. I've used Formula One Pinnacle series tint on both my Camaros and would do it again in a heartbeat, especially in Houston. The difference between cheap tint and ceramic tint is about $200-$300. The difference in heat transfer is definitely noticeable.

If you opt to go with this, I had mine done at X-Pert Tint and Alarm ( They are located off of 59 just before BW8 on the SW side of Houston.
Originally Posted by spckatnip View Post
I have Formula 1 Pinnacle as well from Llumar and it is 30%.
I've got FormulaOne Pinnacle Ceramic tint on my car and like it for what it's worth. I had Llumar metallic tint on my 1995 Dodge Ram pickup and it lasted all the way until I sold it in 2009 - I'm sure it's still looking good for the new owner!
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