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Originally Posted by Asquarecan View Post
Cool so from a little more research it does look like that Flow Master only has a 3" exhaust so I am looking at the SW 1 7/8" 3" catted pipes. A lot of people seam to be happy with these and for $1400 they seam to be middle ground on pricing as well.
Just to clarify so that you understand how the exhaust will work, those 3" cats will be a 3" inlet and 2.5" outlet. Your Flowmaster cat-back will have a 2.5" inlet and then shortly after the connection point it will jump up to 3".

So, technically you won't have a true 3" exhaust. The only way to do that is either buy a complete system (KOOKS has one as well as LG) or you would have to take your car to a muffler shop to have the front of the cat-back taken off and 3" welded in......which is not woth the money.

You won't have any performance loss with the 2.5" step in the cat-back unless you start going over 600 HP and/or maybe with forced induction.

Originally Posted by geaux_tigerss View Post
CALL AROUND!! Manufacturers often have limits on advertised pricing. What you find listed on the internet may not be the lowest you can find. My exhaust combo was a LOT less than MSRP. I found an awesome deal online and called the company and they gave me an even lower price.
Agreed. Don't always go by the price on the web. Alot of vendors have to post "Suggested Retail Price" but then have coupon codes and things to bring down the cost significantly.

I don't know what the prices are now but a year or so ago when I was looking at getting headers I could've bought some 1 7/8" KOOKS with HF cats that were Jet Coated for $1,350 to my door. Probably $1,200 without coating. That was not the advertised price but the call in price.

Keep researching the different brands and call the vendors from this forum to get some good prices.

Not a complete list by any means but here are a couple off the top of my head:
JDP Motorsports
Ivan @ Southwest Speed
Maryland Speed
Jannetty Racing
ADM Performance
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