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It's like some people in here have been living in a cave (or a 69 Camaro trunk) for the past decade or so Guys, what did you expect? This is EXACTLY what GM has been putting in their cars all over the lineup for years and years. You thought they'd just completely reinvent the wheel for the 2011 Camaro? Come on.

First off, you can't judge the size or location by a video of it. The angles are all off unless you're behind the wheel. Then it's in the right place and the right size (unless you were expecting that ridiculous car identification HUD). It's also FAR less distracting than you would think. When we test drove Acadias back in 07, we tested one with HUD and I also thought (from the pics / description) that it would be both gimmicky and distracting. While it's definitely redundant, I found it to be very useful and not at all distracting, which was a shock. In fact, by the end of the nearly 1 hour test drive, it felt completely natural and just part of the instrument cluster. When we bought our Acadia, ours didn't have the HUD and my very first instinct was to look for info there... it felt incomplete! I'm not saying anyone NEEDS a HUD, but I am saying that anyone who gets it will find it useful and will probably love it, even if they didn't think they would.

A few random HUD shots from 2007 Acadias:

Finally, if this really isn't enough info for you, GM is apparently working on a next gen HUD system, targetting somewhere around 2018 model years -
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