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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Just to follow up on what Dragon said......

The V8 will sell itself -- and that's due, in large, to the internet. Simply take it to the track a few times and the word spreads.......

The bigger challenge is to sell the car in volume -- and frankly that was always pretty much V6 territory -- but with gas going up -- it becomes even moreso......

So -- the real question is: how do we reach people who would not normally consider a Camaro (or even a Mustang or Eclipse....)
Great interiors along with a AFM engine and a fair price (compete with the other cars in it's class of course).

Opps, sorry... you meant with marketing... target the 20 -29 range in beer commercials .... commercials featuring the Camaro during popular shows that hit that range as well. Along with advertising on the internet through maybe Facebook or Myspace. 30 - 40 age range will have children or be married, hit commercials during family shows. The commercials really have to punch you in the heart, make you feel alive being in a Camaro, it's more than a car, using the Transformer line... the person doesn't pick the car, the car picks you kinda marketing.
It's late, I should have thought this out more but hey.
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Anyone that knows of a place that is making the Concept Shifter for the new Camaro. (Auto specifically) Please let me know.

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