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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Just to follow up on what Dragon said......

The V8 will sell itself -- and that's due, in large, to the internet. Simply take it to the track a few times and the word spreads.......

The bigger challenge is to sell the car in volume -- and frankly that was always pretty much V6 territory -- but with gas going up -- it becomes even moreso......

So -- the real question is: how do we reach people who would not normally consider a Camaro (or even a Mustang or Eclipse....)

It's got to start w/ advertisement in televised commercials, etc. I don't recall seeing any commercials for 4th Gens. Get a Camaro out to the Super Chevy show and O'Reily type drag races (that should cover that type of buyer). Transformers was HUGE. People were cheering out loud when BB transformed from old Camaro to 5th Gen. It would be great to see the 5th Gen in a weekly televised show (don't have any idea how this could work....knightrider).

But, IMO there are two huge areas that need to be covered.

1. Gas mileage for the V6 needs to be outstanding....better than other coupes in it's class (AFM, VVT, etc...and even the turbo 4 for more improved mpg's and weight savings). Not worried about the V8 (since those buying won't be too worried about it), although it would be nice to get better miles to the gallon there, that's for darn sure...

and what I believe to be EXTREMELY important...

2. Interior "Goodies." I'm talking about all the little stuff like Bluetooth, USB for mp3 or Ipod hookups, Homelink (garage door opener), compass heading, temp display, heated seats, dual climate control, navi, etc. need to be added (or at least an option). I mean option, not package. If I just want bluetooth but not a sunroof to go along with it, ya know?

#2 is pretty much the only drawback w/ my current SS (options that I WISH I had and were available on other GM products at the time). IMO, the technology is here now and should be at least offered.

I think the best way to get someone who wouldn't normally consider buying a Camaro in to a dealer to look at one, is to first put the goodies in there and then advertise the hell out of it.

One of the only huge advertisement deals I can think of right now that reaches millions upon millions of people are the Ford commercials w/ American Idol. 34 million votes this week, 35 million votes the next... That show hits millions of viewers of all ages. They show that darn Ford commercial on EVERY break...and that SYNC option?? Sweeeet.

Give people what they want at a reasonable price.

10 year 100,000 mile FULL warranty for original purchaser (non-transferrable). GM raises the bar on quality? Stand behind the product. I dunno...this just kind of came to me.

I'll continue to think about this and see what else I can come up with. Advertisement of those goodies and "leader in it's class for gas mileage."
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