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Originally Posted by TCAT View Post
After the clearcoat is 100% dry (look at the recommendations on the can), be sure to buy a good paint polish (Adams, Meguires, or whatever you prefer), and polish your way to an amazing shine. After the polish, go ahead and use a good sealer wax (something synthetic to last a long time), and you can also use a more natural wax (carnauba) to give it a wet look, but it's not necessary if the sealer is on. Carnival wax doesn't last as long as a sealer wax because the sealers tend to be more synthetic. However, the carnauba gives a great wet look, and that's why it's usually used last.
Yo TCAT thanks for the info. I've never used polish on anything before so this might be a good place to start. I did use a gloss clear (because that's really the only kind I could find) so my pieces are already glossy/shiny like. Would polishing take that off?? Never thought about waxing my interior pieces but that sounds sweet!
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