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Originally Posted by exflirt View Post
Camaro5 family, I'd like to officially introduce Lyssa, named after the goddess of rage and fury, on her way to becoming a fierce firebreather.

From what we've been able to determine, she is the first 45th in California. She was built on 8.4, delivered to the dealer on 8.15 at 2:00 am during the night drop, and will be delivered to me on 8.19 at 10:00 am by the wonderful Tommy Edrisi at Selman Chevrolet (thank you, Tommy!) Thank you, also, to Becky - I could not have made it through with my hair intact without her to ease my anxiety with her status updates and calm words of wisdom!

Over the next few days, Lyssa will undergo a special new car prep/detail. Details by Pic will be cleaning her up, Chips Away will be installing her clear bra, and We Do Windows will take care of that clear glass and give me some protection and privacy.

My very special 45th will be highlighted in several install features as she gets upgraded for this year's SEMA show, with these articles to be followed by a full piece later on. To all the purists out there, the original parts will be retained if there is ever a need to put her back to stock.

To everyone who helped with the car or who helped me emotionally, thank you so very much. I've been waiting for this car since March 8th of last year, when my confirmed one-of-a-kind, loaded, pristine, low-mileage 35th SS Convertible was rear-ended at a high rate of speed while I was stopped on the freeway. After 18 months of driving a four-cylinder with an automatic, I can't wait for some horsepower mated to a manual transmission!

Congratulations and Thank You from your Oshawa Build Team We wish you many years of driving excitement with your all new 45th Anniversary Camaro . Best Regards from Canada

Mike Judge

In Memory of Dawson Ellert .
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