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Originally Posted by krusher View Post
Has anyone on the camaros had similar issues? I have only heard a few instances about the featherlights leaking which happens, but this sounds like they happen all the time, and I don't think I have heard of a major issues with their sways on camaros.
I've been on their lowering springs and ZL-spec sways for a couple of years. My only complaints are...
  • The spherical joints on the front sway bar end links got noisy (clunking) after about a year. I replaced them with much nicer links from Detroit Speed.
  • Both front and rear sway bar bushings are hard to keep quiet (creaking). Lubing via the zerk fittings doesn't get the lube all the way around the bars. I have to take the bushings off from time to time to lube them manually.
Otherwise been happy with them.

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