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Originally Posted by TexasCamaro5 View Post
Anything's worth it if you want it. Just like the turbo guys now, I'm sure you'll want better traction and more forward thrust with less vertical movement to take advantage of all that power. As far as comparing the price of the system to turbo systems currently available for our vehicles, I'd recommend comparing these prices against the prices of superchargers and turbos for the SS. Seems to me that this is a good price for a supercharger for the amount of power it's providing.

Turbo's for the LLT's run close to $2k more than this kit. And you have less chances of melting the turbo or detonating your motor. Basically it's good reliable power with hardly no maintenance compared to a turbo kit. And the price is on pare with the Mustang kit's which is a better comparison.
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