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Originally Posted by BigDan View Post
Get over it, its just a name, and if GM were to make a modern day z/28 they use a supercharged DI V6.

How much boost can a LSA take?
wow. did I tell you to get over it? no, sorry just like some people on this forum this is more then a name and a car. some people are passionate about other things you sir must be.

the car you want is the ZL1. and hopefully they make it. the Z28 is not a V6 and would be completely stupid on the basis of the arguments I've seen on this forum. weight savings? not as much as you might think. not enough to count.

as for the LSA that will more then likely be in the Z28 and I have not argued the point it shouldn't be in the car with an auto. my argument is if you want a drag car the z28 shouldn't be your first choice. if you go with what the Z28 and ZL1 were. I'm also not saying it won't slaughter the 1320. just saying it's over all purpose is completely different then what you want to use it for.

why do you not want your car to turn? seriously some of us drive on curvy roads. and the 1320 just doesn't last long enough to matter. it's like a ton of build up for a ride at Disney world. 3 hr wait for a 30 second ride. but to each his own.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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