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Originally Posted by jmaryt View Post
that's all well and good,however saying that the parts are 'as good" as anything on the market is NOT CONFIDENCE INSPIRING,because everything made today has a made in china label attached,and it is common knowledge that things produced in china are made very "economically",and have been determined to have "quality control" issues! makes me feel uncomfortable as well,but harley davidson has some parts made in china too,and who woulda thunk?
I hope you don't own a cell phone.

Just because somethings made in China doesn't automatically make it shit. Quality control is the key and you have to trust that GM is checking these parts before they go on the cars. It's been shown over and over that most aftermarket wheels are made in places like China. Also, few of us could afford a car that was made/manufactured exclusively in the US. This is why I laugh everytime I read someones post about not buying something because it isn't american made.
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