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Originally Posted by axis View Post
I hope you don't own a cell phone.

Just because somethings made in China doesn't automatically make it shit. Quality control is the key and you have to trust that GM is checking these parts before they go on the cars. It's been shown over and over that most aftermarket wheels are made in places like China. Also, few of us could afford a car that was made/manufactured exclusively in the US. This is why I laugh everytime I read someones post about not buying something because it isn't american made.
I agree with your statement about QA/QI in the parts department. However, their are MANY factors that go into making something in China (or any other country) too. Just because it is made cheaper doesn't mean it is better. A friend of mine is a forensics inspector for a major manufacturer here in the U.S. His company moved much of their production to China and now they are paying the price. The failures are KILLING their multi-million dollar business (pneumatic/hydraulic applications equipment) of which they have lion's share globally. The single underlying reason...CONTROL. They cannot control production (quantity and quality) as easily as they could in the U.S. There is something to be said about Made in the U.S.A. back in the day when things were built to last and not be disposable.

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