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Originally Posted by ragzl1 View Post
JLBlll - - Quite a few camaros did not have the floor shift. My first one in my signature picture was a 307 engine (base v-8), two speed automatic on the column, air conditioning, power steering, and power brakes. All the luxury but none of the go fast options. If they spent the money to make one go fast then they spent the extra on the floor shift. Many go fast optioned cars did not spend the money on air conditioning. The Z-28 was only available with out air conditioning.
Thanks. Heard about column shifts, just haven't seen a lot that I can remember except in 6 cyl. Camaros. LOL
Kinda like fold down back seats that I've only seen a couple in '67 Camaros. Not sure if an option in '68-'69. Lots of things we took for granted back then.

Yep, no air conditioning or auto trans in Gen 1 Z/28's. No convertibles ( except this one Auto trans available in Gen II Z/28 with 350 engine. Got to drive a 70 1/2 Z/28 with auto for a month. Had the option to buy it in 75 but sold my 65 2+2 Mustang and instead purchased a '69 Z/28 with the original DZ motor, vinyl top, fresh air hood, console with gauges, and a clock in the dash. Still regret ever selling that Camaro.
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