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what a difference on camaro vs firebird

wow. got back from dealer and they closed. i been looking for a bit, but i parked my 98 firebird t top next to a camaro coupe and a vert. what a culture shock. my firebird is mostly all glass, the couple has some but mostly steel and the vert mostly all canvas. i guess it just takes adjustment. i have driven both a 2010 LT and SS couple a ways back that were a friends. i didnt seem to have a problem till i made the comparision. maybe i just freakin out. i am 55 and this will be a daily driver. i guess outside mirrors are the key, or if a vert, just keep the top down. lol. have you folks adjusted ok to the vert in rush hour traffic, daily drive in the city ok? i still need to re test drive both cars. looking at 2LT couple in a 2014 probaly, and maybe a 13 vert leftover with the rebates and discounts they have now. thanks.
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